Caldo Gallego and laugh at the cold winter

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  • Caldo Gallego and laugh at the cold winter

    22nd November, 2019
    Plato La Casa Gallega

    You want the best recipe to forget the incipient cold? In The La Casa Gallega we will give you the secret; Galician soup. This recipe will make cry of emotion through every spoonful. You want to know how it's done? The more you try more like you and especially in winter. We give you the keys of the traditional recipe Galician:


    • Two salted pork espinazos.
    • Pork ribs, 5 o 6.
    • Streaky bacon lowfat, 300g
    • Salted pig's ear
    • 250 g Lacon
    • Fresh meat beef; needle, skirt, what you prefer… about 200g is recommended
    • A bunch of rapini
    • Patatas
    • Water
    • Beans or white beans, approximately 400 g

    Now, we have all the ingredients just have to follow the following steps:

    1. Put to soak the talk and proceeds to desalinate meat; ham and bacon. Ears, ridges or ribs, you must leave between 36 in 48 hours changing water once. Also remember that beans must be soaked.
    2. Cook meat and beans.
    3. Prepare the base broth. Para ello, I begin to boil all the content you had to soak and let cook for at least 90 and 120 minutos. Until you see the beans almost tender.
    4. Lava turnip greens and chop it so they are in perfect condition.
    5. Whitens grelos. Before adding to the broth, must drop all the chlorophyll that we had in the green broth. To put this water to boil in another pan and when water blanch boil for a minute or two. No more because if they stop having so much flavor.
    6. Prepare potatoes and daub. Prepare the potatoes into large chunks, as if they were tortilla and cut a piece of daub size spoon.
    7. Separated meat. This step is optional because then all the other ingredients and dispose binds to enjoy.
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