What do you know about the octopus?

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  • What do you know about the octopus?

    30th March, 2017

    Discover some of the most shocking tidbits about the king of our kitchen and our wine The La Casa Gallega: the octopus. Do you know any of them?

    • The octopus has three hearts: Two of them used to pump the blood going to the extremities and the other for walking organs.
    • Its tentacles are part of the brain: They have a total of 8 tentacles and they are two-thirds of its neurons, That explains why its tentacles continue to react once separated from your body.
    • They use their ink to hurt: Sí, Octopuses use their ink to escape, we already know, but so they do to harm their enemies if they are in danger. Its ink contains a compound that causes eye irritation and can divert the taste of sight and smell.
    • They are very old: El fósil de pulpo más antiguo que se conoce hasta ahora tiene 296 million years and belongs to the Carboniferous period. Because of the features that have their tentacles and eyes, this animal has been classified in the family Pohlsepia.
    • Also, octopuses have blue blood: Esto se debe a que su sangre está basada en el cobre y no en el hierro como la sangre de los humanos. La proteína hemocianina característica de este tipo de sangre otorga una coloración azul.
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