marry, perfect communion between wine and gastronomy

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  • marry, perfect communion between wine and gastronomy

    25th May, 2018

    Thanks to the gastronomic richness and the variety of our wines, the marriage has become an authentic religious experience; intense flavors, Textures, aromas and nuances, that make gastronomy a perfect challenge for the senses.

    The nuances that you find on your plate textures can be very different if you know the right wine to pair it. Para empezar, We can whet your appetite with red wines. The taste of a good Rioja designation of origin may be perfect for pairing with little fatty fish, Iberian pork, wild game, as our field partridge for example, vegetables or pasta.

    If you are someone who prefers a good white wine, in our winery You'll find a wide selection that you can use to pair perfectly with flavors of the sea, that is our seafood. Light texture, soft and fruity is the perfect combination for pairing with our recipes Galician cuisine, especially the younger cutting.

    If you go for pink wines, you gain in delicacy and subtle aromas, colors and flavors. pink, thanks to that tone so clear, It is full of nuances acids so you should have it very present to pairing well with the dishes you choose. It's perfect for our starters such as cheese or ham table. You can also combine perfectly with seafood and fish, so it is an ideal choice to accompany our traditional Galician. Finally, pink are also a valid alternative to combine with a good dessert.

    Casa Gallega you'll find menus with deep flavors of Galicia in perfect communion with our cellar, They are representing the excellence of both Galician flavors and the rest of the country. Do not forget to visit!

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