Marisco; You know how to dress it?

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  • Marisco; You know how to dress it?

    6th September, 2019

    Are you a lover of good seafood but you want to innovate and do not know well as I do? You want to discover new flavors and explore your palate? In The La Casa Gallega besides servirtelos, we will teach you a few tricks so you can enjoy an endless number of ways. You want to try?

    • butters. If you go to lobster or lobster and you cook or grill it at a barbecue with friends, perhaps butter can be your best ally, yes, provided that serve hot. ¿Butter Normal? You can choose lifelong, even realizing you more naturally or use a mushroom or fresh herbs and lemon can bring another troque giving an essence more sea.
    • mayonnaises. It is one of the best bases for cooking and a plus seafood cooked. Why? For the simple reason that the prawns, lobster or shrimp acquire the necessary touch to explode in your mouth with endless nuances. Another derivative thereof may be the pink sauce.
    • vinaigrettes. Suitable for a wider range of seafood, more even than sauces or mayonnaise, for which they are intended seafood with more meat. To prepare vinaigrette guarantees must develop them with lime juice, oils such as argan or sesame seeds containing one so you can give this a more exotic touch and different.
    • fresh sauces. Do you like fresh fruit? You can then try to innovate with a sauce based on mango, or apple cider vinegar. So you can bring a taste of contrasts between sweet,fresh or crunchy. You will have a very rich dish and little heavy.
    • Other dressings may be your best alternative. vinaigrettes warm, juice salt and pepper, vermouth cooked to sarten… endless possibilities to surprise the most discerning palates.
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