You want to cook seafood and Galician? Follow these rules!

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  • You want to cook seafood and Galician? Follow these rules!

    6th December, 2019
    Enjoy the good seafood in Madrid in our La Casa Gallega.

    You know that in Galicia, gastronomy is essential, so prepare seafood is one of the rituals of Christmas. Ya sabes que en The La Casa Gallega You can get rid of homesickness if you are spending Christmas in Madrid, or you can simply give you a good gastronomic tribute without leaving the capital. Are you going to cook seafood? Then perhaps these tricks are you quite helpful.

    1. When you go to make your copy, You look out the color of the part is bright, have bright eyes and bulging or have the guts retain their color. You must also ensure that the scales are attached to the body and joined together to ensure freshness.
    2. Otherwise you tas the seafood or meat is viscous, unmade best that option.
    3. When cooking your piece, Maybe it is to do with seawater. If this option is not possible, You can do a lot of salt fat. Percentage may be approximately 50 g per liter.
    4. If you are planning a large seafood, for example a lobster, it is best to open the crustacean in half from head to tail all this before you put it in the oven or grilled.
    5. Will you cook a lobster or lobster? A good option to improve their preparation is Atalar tail a tablet previously. So you avoid the seafood can move or stay curled.
    6. Squid can be another option to ask yourself when cooking. If you want to do Galician we recommend: do not waste ink squid. Crude is toxic but if you cook, You can not only use it to give a touch of color, but you can also play with texture and juice.

    La Casa Gallega we are at your service. Make your reservation!


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