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    In our Restaurant La Casa Gallega we have a job offer Galician dishes that will delight the most demanding palates.

    Our products are received daily Galicia, carefully selected, allowing us to guarantee the freshness, texture and taste authentic Galician in each of our dishes.

    From its seas, Fish and seafood, of their land, meat, vegetables and wine.

    Meet our specialties within which we offer:

    • Galician octopus or grilled.
    • Beef Empanadas artisans, nice, cockle, octopus, etc.
    • Hake of the Galician Burela.
    • Baked turbot.
    • Rape of ajillo.
    • Sea bass in salt.
    • Ria Seafood.

    Our menu specializes in Galician cuisine author with unique touches.

    Feel at any corner of the beautiful Galicia. In our Restarurante Galician will be able to enjoy and appreciate the most authentic of our community.


    In the Galician cuisine include a wide variety and selection of quality ingredients, for the development of the most attractive and delicious Galician dishes.

    In our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA Get to know the starters we have prepared for you:

    • Galician octopus.
    • Grilled octopus.
    • Artisan pie.
    • Mussels Cambados.
    • Berberechos al vapor.
    • Portuguese Clams.
    • Garlic prawns.
    • Grilled Squid.
    • Squid jigging.
    • Tortilla Galician.
    • Croquettes policeman.
    • Cod fritters.
    • Spicy Peppers.
    • Ham and chorizo ​​in Galician.
    • Iberico Ham.
    • Nipple cheese.
    • Sheep's cheese.

    Enjoy these and other delicacies in our restaurant. We invite you to make your La Casa Gallega reservations right now.


    In our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA you can taste spoon, made from raw materials from our land of Galicia, can choose between:

    • Caldo Gallego.
    • Seafood soup.
    • Crema vegetable season.
    • Kitchen garden of Semana Santa.

    Do not hesitate and come enjoy the best Gallego broth and bisque. We are one of the best Dining places in Madrid, offering authentic Galician cuisine and an ideal place to enjoy with family and friends.


    Salads and vegetables

    The salads and vegetables are essential in human nutrition, are also basic elements of Galician culture. These foods provide essential vitamins and antioxidants allow us to avoid disease and improve the quality of life.

    In our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA, Choose from a variety of salads and seasonal vegetables (seasonal) perfectly accompanying the various delights of our menus.

    • House Salad.
    • Marinated Salmon Salad.
    • Salad of roasted peppers with tuna.
    • Grilled vegetables.



    The rice, cereal and being a staple of many cultures, to create all kinds of nutritious dishes side dishes. In our restaurant We specialize in creating delicious rices for the most demanding palates.

    Within our menus have the following dishes:

    • Seafood Paella.
    • Vegetable Rice.
    • Arroz con carabineros.
    • Rice sailor (2 people).
    • Rice with lobster (2 people).

    Come visitarnos, We are one of the restaurants in the center of Madrid most recognized for offering the best of Galician cuisine.


    Restaurant La Casa Gallega - Enjoy our exquisite dishes of rice


    The real Galician cuisine in Madrid, the know by visiting our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA where we specialize in meat, seafood, vegetables and fish. The latter is prepared following the tradition proper to the classic kitchen Galicia, which uses a unique way natural resources from its shores.

    Among the dishes we prepare and offer our guests, found:

    • Hake Burela (Galician, iron, back, green sauce, etc.).
    • Burela hake Cogote.
    • Tail hake Burela.
    • Wild turbot (Galician, iron, back, green sauce).
    • Sole (romana a filetes, Meniere plancha o).
    • Rape of the estuary with garlic.
    • Cod grilled or baked.
    • Bacalao al pil pil.
    • Sea bass back.
    • Sea bass in salt.
    • Baked sea bass.


    Restaurant La Casa Gallega - Check our authentic Galician food tasting our variety of fish dishes


    Seafood is one of the staples of our Galician cuisine, therefore in our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA you will find from centollos, bogavantes, oxen, prawns, barnacles up clams, oysters, zamburiñas, cockles, razor clams and mussels. inter alia.

    The seafood have become due to their outstanding quality and excellent taste in one of the biggest attractions of our kitchen. This is because our dishes are prepared with seafood brought from Galicia, using the techniques and know-how of the Galician cuisine.

    In our menu, find the following seafood:

    • Oysters Cambados.
    • Clams Lane.
    • Cockles Cambados.
    • Mussels Cambados.
    • You know Cedeira.
    • Shrimp of the Island of Arosa.
    • Centollo de Grove.
    • Bogavante the Grove.
    • Crabs of the estuary.
    • Crab.
    • Crayfish trunk.
    • White Prawns Huelva.
    • Prawns.
    • Carabineros.
    • Scallops.
    • Vieira de Cambados.
    • Mariscada.
    • Grilled seafood.


    Restaurant La Casa Gallega - Find a variety of seafood dishes in our restaurant


    Meat is a food with high nutritional values, high protein, fats and minerals required for the human diet, so this product is of great relevance in the cuisine of most cultures, especially the Galician cuisine.

    In our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA we are specialized in the production of meat that are based on the typical ingredients of the kitchen Galicia.

    We offer our customers:

    • Pork with turnip tops.
    • Cutlet Grilled Galician.
    • Beef tenderloin grilled.
    • Sirloin carbon.
    • Lamb chops.
    • Veal.
    • Braised veal.
    • Oxtail.
    • Galician stew (season only).

    To accompany our meats, We offer a fine selection of wines our winery. For red wines, White wines, rosés and champagnes.


    Restaurant La Casa Gallega - Enjoy our meats making your reservation with us


    In RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA Enjoy desserts made with the deepest tradition Galician cuisine in Madrid. Our desserts are an art and are known for their exquisitely prepared with healthy ingredients and natural.

    At the end of a meal or dinner prepared with our Galician recipes, can enjoy the most authentic and varied desserts which we will remember the typical, loving and cooking traditional way Galicia.

    The desserts from which you can choose from are:

    • Blown Alaska.
    • Children rellenas cream cream.
    • Apple tart with ice cream.
    • Cheesecake with blueberries.
    • Tarta de Santiago.
    • Tiramisu.
    • Ice creams.
    • Sorbet with cava.
    • Fruit Salad.
    • Galician cheese with quince.

    Fostering Galician dishes of our restaurant with any of the above desserts will make you feel all the simplicity and intensity of natural products gastronomy of Galicia.


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