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    The Blog of La Casa Gallega Restaurant

    Pulpo macho o hembra: ¿sabes diferenciarlo?

    16th August, 2019

    ¿Eres fanático del buen marisco? Entonces, debes de conocer cual es la principal diferencia entre una nécora, por ejemplo, y un centollo ¿verdad? Entonces seguro que debes conocer las principales diferencias para distinguir el sexo del pulpo y su importancia. Si no es así, además de invitarte a que nos visites en La Casa Gallega, […]

    ¿Eres carnívoro?: ¡Descubre los puntos de la carne!

    9th August, 2019

    Cada vez son más aquellos que se suman a la fiebre de la carne de vacuno y es que en ese terreno, la carne gallega gana por goleada. Thus, desde la Casa Gallega queremos que puedas disfrutar no solo in situ con nosotros, sino que aprendas pequeños trucos para poder disfrutar de ellas dentro […]

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    Galician cuisine in summer with flavor (II)

    26th July, 2019

    Already last month we had the pleasure to share with you many dishes with Galician flavor, in this post we continue talking to the wide variety of available delicious Galician cuisine. Do you want to know what delicious dishes await you? If you can not stop by our Galician House, you can practice at home with these refreshing suggestions; […]

    Galician cuisine in summer with flavor (part I)

    19th July, 2019

    Perhaps in times colder, such as winter cold, a diner in a restaurant opt ​​for stews, delicious soups and other products related to high temperatures. In fact, is unlikely to opt for creams in summer and warm cooked we weigh in the stomach and we […]

    essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago (part II)

    12th July, 2019

    We continue with our series of essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago, and is that the next day 25, If you go to Galicia Galician or any Local you can join the celebration of this feast with a chance to take up boots with some of the most famous recipes of our gastronomy. Y […]

    essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago (part I)

    5th July, 2019

    it is,,ro,April World Health Day is celebrated,,es,a day dedicated this year to raising awareness and addressing depression and its effects so that an increasing number of people suffering from this disorder sought and obtained recovery assistance,,es,This was confirmed by the World Health Organization,,es,the OMS,,es,under the slogan 'Let's talk about depression',,es,In order to help and raise awareness of the,,es,importance of food on health,,es,This week in our blog,,es 25 July, In addition to celebrating in some cases the holidays and good weather that is expected to accompany the paid and earned days off throughout the year, Santiago Day and Galicia's big day is celebrated, a marked calendars in all Galicians date not only for the festivities […]

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