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    The Blog of La Casa Gallega Restaurant

    essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago (part I)

    5th July, 2019

    it is,,ro,April World Health Day is celebrated,,es,a day dedicated this year to raising awareness and addressing depression and its effects so that an increasing number of people suffering from this disorder sought and obtained recovery assistance,,es,This was confirmed by the World Health Organization,,es,the OMS,,es,under the slogan 'Let's talk about depression',,es,In order to help and raise awareness of the,,es,importance of food on health,,es,This week in our blog,,es 25 July, In addition to celebrating in some cases the holidays and good weather that is expected to accompany the paid and earned days off throughout the year, Santiago Day and Galicia's big day is celebrated, a marked calendars in all Galicians date not only for the festivities […]

    The most magical Galicia: Night of San Juan

    28th June, 2019

    A few days ago we celebrated the night of San Juan and from Casa Gallega we speak a little of the magic Galicia, the tonight, known as the shortest of the year, although it is not. It is a celebration, pagans and reconverted and used by Christianity origins used to […]

    Octopus returns Passion

    21st June, 2019

    In this second half of June becomes one of our favorite events, where from Casa Gallega back to point us. We talk about Octopus Passion, Octopus gastronomic route in the Community of Madrid that brings citizens closer to the capital this very typical dish of Galician cuisine. From the 14 al 30 […]

    Gastronomía Gallega; beans

    24th April, 2019

    One of the star ingredients in Galician cuisine and also in high season are beans. His tender and tasty meat and their ability to adapt to almost any recipe, In addition to its properties and benefits, make them an ideal ingredient for different dishes. From Casa Gallega we will tell some of […]

    Spring; pescado de temporada

    19th April, 2019

    With the arrival of spring, and not only this season but throughout the year, we recommend from the La Casa Gallega, to enjoy a diet rich in nutrients that you consume seasonal products. If you love fish and want to know what the fish are seasonal, Publishes a Green Peace […]

    Galician Easter desserts

    12th April, 2019

    Si eres amante de la cocina, of those who love food, those who like to eat, but do not eat anything, You're one of us. Casa Gallega we love what we do and do traditional Galician food, of lifelong, with the traditional flavor that only pout […]

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