Foods that help prevent Alzheimer's

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  • Foods that help prevent Alzheimer's

    21st September, 2016
    • Green Tea: Decreases the chances of developing Alzheimer thanks to its antioxidant, altering the shape of the beta-amyloid and prevent the formation of the protein responsible for causing the death of nerve cells and so the progress of disease neurodegenerative.
    • citrus: Citrus fruits contain important antioxidants for the brain. Vitamin C, por ejemplo, It helps prevent the accumulation of harmful substances in the brain tissue, making them highly recommended foods for brain diseases. Aunque en los cítricos es donde comúnmente se encuentra la vitamina C, abunda más es alimentos como la papaya, The guava, strawberry and kiwi.
    • Came: As green tea, it was found that red wine helps stop the death of cells in the brain.
    • Coffee: Coffee is the second most consumed beverage on the planet. As citrus and green tea, It contains antioxidants that stimulate neuronal activity, lo que previene la muerte cerebral y la pérdida de memoria.
    • Chocolate: It is one of the foods with greater ability to improve cognitive abilities. Evita la aparición del Alzheimer y de otras enfermedades mejorando el flujo sanguíneo que llega al cerebro y cuidando de las neuronas.
    • Fruits and vegetables: Similarly to the above food, They have a high preventive capacity for Alzheimer's. The most recommended vegetables are spinach, broccoli, the red onions, beets and eggplants, while among fruits are grapes, dried plums, blackberries, las fresas y las cerezas.
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