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    18th January,en, 2018
    Plato La Casa Gallega

    Who would not fancy cold these days a good dish best Galician broth? This is one of our specialties and one of the most outstanding dishes in Galician cuisine. Discover our post this week that the rich Galician soup is made and what hidden benefits to our health.

    Gallego broth is mainly composed of grelos (Asturian widely used in traditional elaborations of Galician cuisine and vegetables), beans or white aluvias, potatoes, lacón, a piece of pork fat, ternera, chorizos… depending on some recipe. In our Casa Gallega You can enjoy this dish, as it is within our specialties spoon. Take a look at our menu.

    Caldo gallego benefits for health

    • Provides welfare and comfort: Galician broth is one of the best options before a cold as the winter months. It will heat generating body and mind wellness in our bodies.
    • Moisturizes the body: This is because its composition is mainly based on water.
    • Low in calories: Although it may seem a hearty dish at a glance, any of its ingredients has a very high calorific value.
    • It helps reduce food intake: It is satiating and reduces appetite.
    • Bowel care: Vegetables that compose favor digestion and promote gastric juices of the stomach.
    • Provides nutrients and protein: Both vegetables, like potatoes, vegetables or other ingredients that make it up have a lot of nutrients and proteins.
    • Relieves sore throats: The broth (and soups or stews in general) They help protect the throat and vocal cords.
    • Nurtures the sick: Broths contain minerals that the body can easily absorb and not only calcium, but magnesium, match, silicon, sulfur, etc.
    • Combat colds: It can become the perfect medicine to cure colds own this time of year.
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