Benefits and properties of turbot

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  • Benefits and properties of turbot

    30th August, 2019

    If you are looking for as introducing fish into your diet to regain a balanced diet after the possible excesses of summer, turbot is certainly a good choice. Therefore, from The La Casa Gallega we will provide you all the information you need to decant for him.

    Nutritional properties

    Unlike the bluefish, turbot is one of the fish with less fat intake you include in your diet. Less than 3% , This makes it the best ally to increase your energy because its protein content round 16%, and contain variables beneficial Omega 3, inter alia.

    This lack of fat, makes proteins through is considered a very satiating food so for diets tend to be perfect. They include sodium, especially B vitamins- potasio, iodine or phosphorus etc..

    Benefits turbot

    If you want to lose a few extra pounds, it is certainly one of the best options: low fat, much energy and satiating. What more could you? And not just for aesthetics, turbot is also the best choice for those who suffer from cardiovascular problems. Why? In the lack of purines, this is a fish highly recommended for those who have blood uric acid.

    But if you really questions, and in the kitchen How I can get the maximum performance? His flesh is consistent and firm in addition to a white. Eso sí, be very careful because it has many thorns. Still it has many culinary possibilities as it may well be for example, grilled turbot with artichokes or also can develop them with potatoes au gratin, with light sauce or best of all, al horno. This fish, like the rest of white fish it will allow you as many cooking possibilities as your infinite imagination allows you.

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