¿Lobster grilled or baked?

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  • ¿Lobster grilled or baked?

    22nd January, 2018
    Rice with lobster La Casa Gallega

    its fine, delicate and tasty flesh makes the lobster is one of the seafood 'gourmet’ most desired by all who visit our marisquería en Madrid, The La Casa Gallega, between the metro stops Sol and Opera. As with any other of its similar like locusts, shrimp or prawns, lobster can be prepared in different ways: cocido, grilled, al horno… and accompanied by various sauces or recipes. Want to know more about one of our specialties?

    How to prepare grilled lobster

    To prepare grilled, without major added, We will place the lobster cut in two on the plate or pan when it is hot enough. All that will be necessary and essential, como siempre, salt and a few drops of olive oil. To cook in point, we mulling occasionally trying to spend more time face down to face up. We note that the lobster is done when the meat look more compact and spread some of the carapace.

    Baked lobster

    To prepare baked one of the richest shellfish from the Galician and Spanish cuisine, the first thing to do is cut. Para ello, It will be placed on a table and cut in half lengthwise using a quality knife and sharpened tip. We must place it on the baking sheet always face up, where we will spread salt. You can add oil or a little butter to make it more juicy. after that, just wait a few 10 o 15 minutes to taste the delicious lobster baked.

    Come to our seafood restaurant in the center of Madrid and try our exquisite lobster O Grove, our customers say it is one of the best dishes on the menu. Are you going to miss it?


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