What should not be missing in the fridge in quarantine?

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  • What should not be missing in the fridge in quarantine?

    Try our quality products in the La Casa Gallega.

    Healthy recipes in quarantine season

    27th March, 2020

    Quarantine continues, but also life continues so many of you are surely spending time in the kitchen to relax, practice new recipes and dedicate that time to food that is normally uphill for the frenetic day to day. From La Casa Gallega we want to entertain you a little […]

    Produces different healthy recipes Galician food.

    Healthy recipes Galician cuisine

    20th March, 2020

    The foodies, to the many of you like, sure that you are using this time to eat healthy quarantine, to devote to your diet that time steals routine. You want to try to work out at home your own healthy cooking recipes Galician? From our blog we want to Casa Gallega […]

    Some stings and others do not: the pattern peppers

    13th March, 2020

    Que “unos pican y otros no” and I've heard more than once as it is a popular saying that everyone knows. These famous peppers from Padrón small Galician town are all a delicacy for its taste and its interior “endemoniado”, yes it is depending on the fate of each […]

    Culture and importance of clams lanes

    6th March, 2020

    It's not the first time, nor the last we talked about in this post, Clams Lane. As you know, There are different varieties of clams from the Galician coast, so we can find some of the best species flavors that fill all your dishes. However, We are aware from the […]

    How to cook sardines and prevent odors in your home

    28th February, 2020

    It is one of the quintessential blue fish. A gift of the seas and unprecedented delicacy that we can bring to our table by a very economical price, except exceptions, as they may be in San Juan. You want to know some recipes with this delicious fish at the same healthy? In the […]

    Carnival Gallego; culture, carnival and food festival

    21st February, 2020

    Slowly but surely, February continues to advance until the carnival again at our gates. We talk about a festival that dates back to the celebrations in honor of the Apis bull ago 5.000 years in Egypt, or the festivities in honor of Bacchus in Rome. Undoubtedly this is a festival linked […]

    Choose the perfect wine for Valentine's Day

    14th February, 2020

    To have a perfect evening, not go unnoticed any details. La Casa Gallega we can not only boast an unbeatable quality in all our products and dishes drawn from the tradition of Galician cuisine, directly from Galicia and treated with care for processing. Our Galician restaurant […]

    Mariscada in La Casa Gallega (Madrid)

    Dictionary Galician food and dishes

    7th February, 2020

    We know that you have quite clear that consists Galician cuisine and typical dishes, but from La Casa Gallega, we thought that thanks to this dictionary can whet a collection of food and dishes typical of the local gastronomy. Galicia is a place of good food and maybe in […]

    5 trivia about Galician cuisine

    31st January, 2020

    The most discerning palates must be well behaved and a sample of it is the quality and the influx of tourist who visit us. In addition to the diversity of traditional dishes, Galician cuisine has also gone through many civilizations and historical periods, impregnated seeing his culinary spirit and flavor. You want […]

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