You want to cook seafood and Galician? Follow these rules!

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  • You want to cook seafood and Galician? Follow these rules!

    Try our Galician stew in the center of Madrid

    Galician cuisine in Lent

    29th March, 2019

    We live in a country where Easter is, how much less, a tradition and this is reflected both in our festivals, and in our actions and our gastronomy. But before it reaches that week so known for processions, we are in full Lent, time of abstinence and reflection. From our restaurant Casa Gallega […]

    Vinegar; typology and benefits

    20th September, 2018

    Vinegar is one of the most commonly used seasonings in our traditional Spanish cuisine when aliñar, dress or prepare a dish. Thus, from the La Casa Gallega we want you to understand what their types and their benefits. Did you know that vinegar is an excellent antioxidant? Pues sí, both polyphenols and vitamins […]

    4 Motivos para celebrar San Valentín en un restaurante

    10th February, 2017

    ¿Valentine is your favorite day of the year? Are you also of those that mark with a red heart on the calendar date? Not for less. The 14 February is the perfect day to surprise that special someone with a gift or a small detail with intent to surprise. Aunque […]

    Consejos de maridaje: El arte de combinar vino y comida

    17th January,en, 2017

    The triumph of Spain to gastronomic level often lies in the Mediterranean diet, in which prevail in oil, wheat and vines with which the wine is made. This wine is characteristic, Thus, of our country, our culture and, as, our cuisine. When combined, la […]

    Sirloin La Casa Gallega

    Meat, perfect and at its right point

    15th December, 2016

    There are many aspects that we must consider when cooking meat, como las especias, los cortes, el acompañamiento, la sal y la cocción. Todas estas cosas van a determinar el acabado final de nuestra comida, especialmente el último, y son muchas las ocasiones en las que podemos encontrar cierta dificultad. […]

    10 Superfoods against diabetes

    14th November, 2016

    Jewish: Sean kidney, boat, pinto or black, You can not find better nutrition than providing these legumes. They are high in fiber, They provide a third of the daily requirements in only half a cup and are also a good source of magnesium and potassium. They are considered starchy vegetables, but half cup provides […]

    Consejos alimentarios para prevenir el cáncer de mama

    19th October, 2016

    Desde la Casa Gallega, y con el fin de mandar todo el ánimo y la fuerza del mundo a las luchadoras y valientes que lo padecen, queremos aprovechar este 19 de octubre, #DíaMundialcontraelCáncerdeMama, para daros algunos consejos sobre alimentación preventiva de la enfermedad más frecuente en las mujeres de todo el mundo: Priorizar el consumo […]

    Foods that help prevent Alzheimer's

    21st September, 2016

    Green Tea: Decreases the chances of developing Alzheimer thanks to its antioxidant, altering the shape of the beta-amyloid and prevent the formation of the protein responsible for causing the death of nerve cells and so the progress of disease neurodegenerative. citrus: Citrus fruits contain important antioxidants for the brain. Vitamin C, por ejemplo, […]

    Este verano evita los alimentos con mucha sal

    10th August, 2016

    Desde pequeños nos lo dicen nuestros padres y abuelos: “Abusar de la sal es muy malo”. Consumimos alimentos muy salados como las patatas fritas, los aperitivos, frutos secos y productos enlatados. However, existen muchos otros de los que no sospechamos. La OMS advierte de que el 75% de la población consume el doble o […]

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