Centollo or centolla, That is the question

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  • Centollo or centolla, That is the question

    8th February, 2019

    Also known as Cámbara, Pateiro the crab Belludi, spider crab is one of the kings of the sea. Did you know that lives in the rocky and sandy bottoms seabed? In La Casa Gallega You can find the Galician sea to your plate, but do you ever wonder if there is any difference between male and female centollo?

    Although initially stores to think that gender does not affect the quality or taste the truth is that depending on how you look in shellfish must choose one or the other. But it is also aesthetically not let that fool you.

    The first thing that you must look out and is quite defining it in aesthetics. It is the most clear and foolproof way to know which is which. If you take the crustacean and turn around. If you put it upside down and you look at the “abdomen” you will see that the centolla, It will be much more rounded and more meat. En cambio, centollo in your abdomen is much flatter and even weevil, that is to say, as a sort of elongated triangle.

    Is the reason for this difference? It is merely players. Centolla saves all the eggs under its shell, so that these species can find balls that should this. If they are not to your liking, then we recommend that you'll probably go for the centollo.

    Another major differences are the legs. Si, If you look at the first, those containing clamps which are significantly smaller.

    As for the taste, when you try, You will see that the conditions we have mentioned previously, the crab is much tastier, smoother in the case of the centollo.


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