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  • The crab stuffing Grove

    26th March, 2018
    You can already use our centollo of O Grove in La Casa Gallega

    The spider crab is a crustacean family of crabs. Has a thick, reddish shell covered with spikes and rough appearance. Also, It has five pairs of sturdy legs, with tweezers small and elongated in the first couple of them. Like most crustaceans, sheds its shell and while the new hardens, It remains hidden between algae and submerged in the sand near the coast about 150 meters deep.

    In The La Casa Gallega (nuestra marisquería en Madrid) we serve, among our seafood dishes, exquisite centollo O Grove, Galician village which is known for the quality of these products. Like all seafood, how centollo cooking and preparation is special and will depend largely on whether we cook alive or dead. Para ello, Maybe it's always cook in seawater and, if it is not possible, in a similar salinity water.

    Want to know how to fill a centollo?

    Para empezar, como os decíamos, be cooked piece saltwater, We can also be introduced into the water a few bay leaves. We must place the spider crab with legs up, and not lose the body cru. Once the water boils, you must leave the centollo for 15 minutos.

    Once cooked, We open the centollo and clean, the left leg on the one hand and the body emptied and cleaned, we put everything in the shell. We can add in very tiny pieces a little onion with a splash of white wine Albariño, then mix well within the shell.

    This is a delicacy that all diners can enjoy. If you want to try ours and enjoy a unique dining experience, Just visit us at the center of Madrid, muy cerca de la Puerta del Sol, en la calle Bordadores, 11, where you expected The La Casa Gallega.

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