Grilled scampi: What you should know

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  • Grilled scampi: What you should know

    13th March, 2018
    Enjoy a delicious grilled langoustines at our restaurant in downtown Madrid.

    As always we have in our blog, all products we serve The La Casa Gallega come directly from Galicia and we have the best quality raw materials in all our products. En este caso, we speak of langoustines, a favorite for many of our customers and seafood, if they are good (in this case they are), They will be delicious with very little, since degustándolas cooked or making grilled langoustines you difrutaréis an extraordinary taste.

    Langoustines contain very few calories and very little fat, It is strong the great contribution of proteins containing. Por lo tanto, with grilled langoustines not only we serve a delicious dish for its taste but also very healthy.

    How langoustines get grilled?

    For processing, the we accompany with a basic dressing but that never fails: a little garlic and parsley well picaso, aceite de oliva virgen extra, a pinch of salt and a little white wine.

    What cooking time required langoustines?

    Grilled langoustines are tasty and you can also enjoy them in no time, because we will have ready in just 10 calentitas minutes to enjoy them on the table. The process is very simple and you only need to pay attention to this preparation time. We must place the grilled langoustines and aderezarlas with accompanying: a back and forth will be ready and we will only be salar to taste and serve.

    In our restaurante gallego en Madrid you can enjoy all our recipes and working with the best of Galician cuisine. Also, I recommend everyone to enjoy the experience accompanying grilled langoustines with a good wine from our bodega. Ask us and we will advise the best white wine for maridad with one of our favorite dishes The La Casa Gallega: langoustines.

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