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    24th January,en, 2013

    Each has its own regional cuisine and is cooked in every region and in every village add their own local products, marking gastronomic differences.

    The Galician stew is based on a myriad of savory and fresh pork, such as ham, lacón, bacon, bacon, ribs, the backbone, sausages and cacheira with their ears and tail, besides beef and poultry.

    Vegetables that are added to cooked play an important role depending on the time of year when we meet as turnip greens, cabbage, nabizas, repollo or with.

    Galician stew recipe:

    Cooked preparation begins the day before, by soaking the whole chickpeas salt pork.

    Ingredients for four people:

    • 1 kg of pork
    • 3 beef sausages.
    • 1/2 kg de jamón
    • 3 onion sausages.
    • 1/4 kg the tocino
    • 1/2 morcillo kg.
    • 1/4 kg de panceta.
    • 300 grs the garbanzos.
    • 1 cacheira.
    • 2 bunches of turnip greens.
    • 1/2 kg of ribs.
    • 4 large potatoes.
    • 2 spine bones.

    In a saucepan with water enters all meat and put the fire to cook. In separate pot cook the chickpeas for not breaking the meat with water. Once the meat is cooked and add the potatoes, turnips peeled and cleaned.

    Serve piping hot all together in a bowl.

    The point for the optimum should be cooked slow cooking and never fast for each of the products we have added release their juices and dissolve very slowly, resulting in a highly flavored broth.

    Bon appetite!

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