Galician cuisine in summer with flavor (II)

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  • Galician cuisine in summer with flavor (II)

    26th July, 2019
    Try our quality products in the La Casa Gallega.

    And last month we had the pleasure to share with you many Galician dishes with flavor, in this post we continue talking to the wide variety of available delicious Galician cuisine. Do you want to know what delicious dishes await you? If you can not stop by our Casa Gallega, you can practice at home with these refreshing suggestions;

    • Vieira salted ice cream piquillo pepper or pepper pretty Burela with tomato escabeche, apple and thyme. What do you think these suggestions? Refreshers right? They are dishes that combine tradition part and flavor of traditional Galician cuisine, They are quite innovative recipes that can fill your own kitchen of a sea breeze of the Galician coast. The nutritional properties of both plates are incalculable. Among its nutrients you can highlight vitamins A, B3, B9 or B12 inter.
    • lacón trufado. It is one of the proposals 100% Galician cuisine between the early 50 and 60 that is falling into oblivion and that since the Casa Gallega we do not want to fall into oblivion. Its development is of medium difficulty, therefore it is a very affordable dish whose flavor is spectacular. Do not hesitate to try this summer!
    • Octopus salmigundi. The flagship of Galician cuisine can not miss even in summer. Fresquito! fresquito!, You can not resist.
    • Spicy Peppers. A temporary. pedírtelos can in the June or when tercie. They will delight the most discerning palates.
    • Monkfish A La Gallega. To suck fingers!, indeed any variety of Galician cuisine. It is done with ajada, Is list?

    If you want to give a feast Galician, sometimes not to return home, simply you must go to Street Bordadores, 11 and prepare your palate to live an indescribable and products and material quality dining experience. Make your reservation!

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