Eat healthy and healthy thanks to cod

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  • Eat healthy and healthy thanks to cod

    18th October, 2019

    If you are someone who enjoy to absolute limits of cod, este es tu post. In addition to being a safe and healthy food, Cod is the best ally for endless recipes. It is a source of protein, and healthier they are known because they contain a high content of omega 3. You want to know more? Degustalo in The La Casa Gallega, you know that in our restaurant, in the center of Madrid, you'll feel right at home and can enjoy Galician cuisine without leaving here.

    Want to know more can bring your recipes cod?

    The mellowness that provides cod with gelatin that infiltrates and concentrated in their flesh makes this game a lot of juicy and when to prepare any dish with it. In addition your skin, It is not composed of hard scales so it is very good also when cooked so it does not detract, but adds to when developing any receta.Por not speak of that gelatinous texture, which, It allowed to live in perfect condition at cold temperatures without skin hardens, as with cod substitutes.

    You must keep in mind that high protein and low fat, just a 3%, offers endless benefits for our body as may well be phosphorus, Mineral salts, omega 3 and other trace elements.

    Do not get pig in a poke! Avoid any kind of fake or substitute cod as we do with other products. Forget about frozen cod or their point today and bet marketed for fresh fish, containing natural and traditional thorns, guts and head or ask for it clean but also enjoy food from the sea.

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