Eating Is synonymous with happiness?

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  • Eating Is synonymous with happiness?

    10th January,en, 2020

    Especially if you do it in The La Casa Gallega. Surely you have heard more than once that said although others such as all they need to be happy need a truck. but obviously, for us, what is more happiness brings us to create our full menu of dishes 100% quality and raw material Galicia. To save you longing, and so you know and discover Galician cuisine. We love to see that a smile can give birth to our customers thanks to an explosion of different flavors; traditional or innovative.

    But how can you be so happy to make us eat? And not only that, but why eat well evokes that feeling of well-being. What are the reasons?

    Pues bien, It has been scientifically proven that our brain secretes dopamine twice when you have to try bite: The first occurs when we introduce the food in your mouth, and the second time happens when food reaches our stomachs. That's what scientists say, but we do not say that sometimes you feel happy just to smell a food you like.

    Aún así, everything has its origins in ancient Rome, where excessive cult was processed for food among the highest classes. It was an unequivocal sign of social power, status and economic power. Dinners even came to be so heavy that they needed to continue eating food vomit.

    You want to know what 5 foods are among the most raises happiness? You may be surprised to know what they are:

    1. black CHOCOLATE FESTIVAL. Improves blood flow to the brain, besides favoring the concentration or mood.
    2. Chard. It is terror for the little ones but is shown to achieve increasing levels of energy in the human body.
    3. eggs. You may be surprised to know but, those who eat breakfast an egg manage to lose more weight than those who do not. Satiated longer and manages to bring vitality and energy.
    4. Mejillones. Regulates mood, strengthens and isolates cells.
    5. tomatoes. Flagship of the summer, and it proves to be a great antioxidant, protecting the brain among other benefits.


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