How to prepare a crab?

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  • How to prepare a crab?

    20th February, 2018
    How to cook the crab

    It was time to indulge and enjoy one of the great delicacies of Galician cuisine, one of the tastiest seafood from Galicia: the crab. It is one of the kings of the sea and kitchens, because it tastes so fresh and of such high quality has nothing to envy any other seafood. However, when preparing, a number of things must be taken into account to cook it properly and do not spoil such a delicacy. Want to know how to do it? We teach you how to prepare a crab.

    Crab recipe

    To learn how to cook a crab properly you must follow these steps. Primero, We put water in a pot (as much as we need to cover the ox and the water covers it during cooking) with some 50 grams of salt. In the case of sea water have much better. To add a touch more flavor (in the case of this dish it is not something necessary), We can also add a few bay leaves.

    If the crab is alive, we put it in warm water and face up (carefully with tweezers), and not lose the cru in the body. Once the water begins to boil, you must wait 15 minutos. Once cooked, let cool and remove it.

    When you know how to cook a crab, we must pay attention to a couple of curiosities:

    • It is said that females are tastier than males. How do we differentiate? You should look at him part of the belly, that is to say, upside down. Females have as a long, narrow and wide and short triangle males and. It's simple.
    • It is a very filling dish, so if you put first ensure that the second is light.

    to serve, it is best to place your back with the full housing crumbled meat. This so exquisite dish can be accompanied by some good homemade salsa and above all a very fresh albariño.

    Find out more about our recipes in our marisquería en Madrid center. See you in La Casa Gallega!

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