How to prepare scallops: we give you six ideas

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  • How to prepare scallops: we give you six ideas

    10th August, 2018

    When asked what can not miss a good Galician seafood restaurant? In The La Casa Gallega we have the answer very clear; the scallops. It is one of the best fish and seafood from the Galician gastronomy, not to mention the simple recipe: good raw material and have to make a copy Galician, Just look for the excuse and the company to share and ready.

    Here are some ideas to prepare the scallops

    You got the kitchen legs up and do not know very well how to get to work or by prescribing decantarte? Do not worry here we leave some ideas and recipes on how to prepare scallops:

    • Vieras to the oven: Clean them well, in fact if you want to leave and Nagua and salt so that they release all the sand. While you prepare the filling and pocharlo in a pan to brown it on a 15 minutos. If you are already gold, Add ham, tomato some parsley and white wine. Preheat all together in the oven at 180 degrees and gratínalos.
    • stuffed scallops: The only thing that can differentiate the process is cooking that requires filling, otherwise you can play with the presentation and the outside of the piece.
    • Vieras to the ajillo: ¿Clean the scallops? Go and see heating oil gilding simmered garlic and thinly sliced. Posteriormente, add paprika and remove it on fire when depositing the scallops three minutes per side. Miscalculates touch of flavor you want to give with paprika; sweeter, spicy or sweet and sour.
    • Scallops with bechamel: Finely chop the flesh of the scallop and performs the bechamel until smooth and homogeneous. Pour the batter in each scallop and calientalas to the oven 170 grados. Gratinala subsequently until browned.

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