Do you know the Galician queimada?

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  • Do you know the Galician queimada?

    22nd June, 2018

    This Galician tradition is torn between pagan and mystery. It is one of the most popular and rooted in Galicia rituals and that of course is linked to fire.

    Queimada is a kind of ancestral potion in which can not miss the meigas and spells. Currently, it is thought that its origins are founded in Celtic culture. A heritage that spread throughout Galicia as well show the abundant petroglyphs, of which we highlight the trisquel: figure three heads simulating a sort of cross.

    This symbol accommodates many interpretations but stresses that sustains the trisquel which represents three fundamental elements: the earth, water and fire. Elements that are so well primordial in queimada.

    Want to try it tonight San Juan? For among the main ingredients of queimada you can not miss brandy and sugar, to which you can add lemon peel or orange, as you prefer, with a few coffee beans, but yes, unmilled. Also, If you prefer, you can also add pieces of grapes, apples or some other ingredient, which will vary according to the customs of the area in which you find yourself.

    Any time is good for a queimada; a meeting with friends or family. It is especially essential in any self-respecting celebration but yes, always after dinner and in the dark of night, so bad omens are astonished.

    In some areas Galician, the traditional way to prepare is inside a pumpkin, cutting the top and after cleaning the inner strands ingredients quoted earlier are introduced. So too, queimada acquire a new flavor, a pumpkin. But it is also widespread use in crocks, that after the fire is stronger.

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