5 Rights to Know in the Consumer Day

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  • 5 Rights to Know in the Consumer Day

    14th March, 2018
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    it is,,ro,April World Health Day is celebrated,,es,a day dedicated this year to raising awareness and addressing depression and its effects so that an increasing number of people suffering from this disorder sought and obtained recovery assistance,,es,This was confirmed by the World Health Organization,,es,the OMS,,es,under the slogan 'Let's talk about depression',,es,In order to help and raise awareness of the,,es,importance of food on health,,es,This week in our blog,,es 15 March is celebrated, as every year, el World Day of Consumer Rights, a special day which will reveal all the rights we have as citizens consumers when buying and choosing the desired products that best meet our needs. Consumer Day commemorates the UN and dates back to 1962, date when President John F. Kennedy recognized the consumer as a fundamental element in the production process.

    The basic rights of consumers meet the major powers and duties collected by law to ensure fairness, legal certainty and security in relationships between suppliers and consumers.

    5 Rights you should consider on this day of the consumer

    • The right to information: goods and services information and advertising, prices and labels. All this information must be timely, complete and truthful so that consumers can choose with full knowledge.
    • The right to education: This means an education in consumer let us know which way the law protects us.
    • Right to safety and quality: goods and services must meet a series of standards and regulations. Also, products must include warnings and explain their proper use.
    • Right not to be discriminated against: the impossibility of denying a product or service by gender discrimination, race, religion, economic status, disability, nationality or sexual orientation.
    • Right to compensation: if what is promised fails, the consumer is entitled to claim back their money, reduce the price of the product or repair free of charge.

    In The La Casa Gallega, nuestro restaurante gallego en Madrid, deeply we respect all these points and we offer only the best raw materials and quality products. All available to our customers, which you are the most important.

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