Enjoy Galicia in the center of Madrid!

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  • Enjoy Galicia in the center of Madrid!

    28th September, 2016

    In the Casa Gallega we work hard to offer an exclusive variety of dishes and recipes of the best traditional Galician cuisine in the center of Madrid, just between Opera and Sun. Our goal is to provide all our customers a richer unique dining experience that succeeds thanks to the freshness and quality of raw materials directly from a land: Galicia.

    We want to pamper the palates of our guests through flavors, delicious smells and textures that you can check on our extensive menu of restaurant:

    • Enjoyed the Incoming full with octopus as protagonist, either Galician or grilled. pies, sausages and more traditional dishes like croquettes, squids or tortillas, They are mixed with trays of mussels, clams, cockles and prawns.
    • Spoon dishes also have a special place thanks to the soups, creams and soups.
    • Our main dish arrives with the rice, last champion of the Route de la Paella in Madrid.
    • We are specialized in Fish like lamprey, directly collecting the Minho River. hake, cod and sea bass are also some of our major aiports.
    • If something stands Galician cuisine is the shellfish: barnacles Cedeira, lobster O Grove, scallops and shrimp Cambados of Illa de Arousa.
    • We are specialized in developing meat which are based on the typical ingredients of Galician cuisine like pork with turnip tops or cooked in season.
    • Todo ello lo puedes acompañar con una selecta carta de wines of our winery and the best desserts restaurant.
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