El arroz… best with lobster

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  • El arroz… best with lobster

    7th December, 2016

    The lobster It is one of the largest marine crustaceans that exist and one of the best companions to our meals for its intense flavor. They have ten legs, two of which have been transformed into two unequal tweezers, a thicker and more developed than the other. Both they serve and break to catch their prey.

    Lobster lobster is distinguished by having a slimmer body dark blue mottled, dotted with yellow specks and ventral side yellowish, although this changes color and becomes red after cooking. In his point it is sublime: sweet and with a great taste of the sea, perfect for creating one of our most popular dishes.

    As for size, lobster becomes something bigger, it will normally range between 23 y los 50 cm. However, the minimum to capture in the Mediterranean is 24 cm. Is one of the most prestigious seafood and it is protected by slow growth.

    The lobster feed on cuttlefish, squids, octopus and small fish, live in areas of cliffs and rocky bottoms, It is less than 40 meters and it is not far from the coast. They are usually used to fish the 'lobster pots lobster pots', a baited with fish nets and located in areas where they live.

    What dish you like to enjoy it more? In the Casa Gallega podrás degustar nuestro arroz con bogavante para dos personas, ideal for gourmets.

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