How Galician meat pie ago?

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  • How Galician meat pie ago?

    29th January,en, 2018
    Come to the La Casa Gallega try our rich Galician meat pie

    The Galician empanada is one of the most traditional dishes of the cuisine from Galicia and, as such, one of our star dishes The La Casa Gallega, nuestro restaurante gallego en Madrid. Empanadas are one of the great attractions of our restaurant, because the elaborate traditional way and with different fillings. Come and book our rooms to try our Galician meat pie. Great!

    Galician meat pie is one of the most representative dishes of Galicia and one of the most eager to try it attracts diners. For processing, It is needed first creating mass, which I have already told in previous post how it is done and what it contains.

    What leads Galician meat pie

    Our Galician empanada is completely handmade and you ask with different fillings, we leave the choice of our customers,,es,Enjoy the best dishes of our traditional Galician empanada dough,,es,Not to be missed,,es,Want to know how the Galician pie dough is made,,es,You need for processing the 1st few tablespoons sofrito about oil filling,,es,obviously made with olive oil,,es,grams compressed yeast bakery,,es,warm water or time,,es,some,,es,ml or less,,es,grams of wheat flour to the dough fat and working it on a counter,,es: meat, nice, cockle, octopus, etc. In this particular case, we speak of the Galician meat pie and ingredients.

    For the pie filling, oil use, sal, onion, it, pepper (Red, green or both, indiscriminately and to the choice of each recipe) and meat. They can also be used many other ingredients to taste as leek, zanahoria, huevo, panceta, tomato sauce or sausage to make a Galician meat pie with sausage, also popular.

    In our restaurant we offer a wide variety of Galician pies in Madrid prepared with carefully selected ingredients and top quality. We put at the disposal of our clients our handmade pies with a special touch of our chef gives it that unique flavor and distinctive to each recipe.

    If you want to try one of the best Galician beef patties in the center of Madrid, Just visit us at street number Bordadores 11, next to the pedestrian street Arenal and very close to stations Sol and Opera. Te esperamos.


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