Evolution lobster at the tables Galician

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  • Evolution lobster at the tables Galician

    11th October, 2019

    No one doubts that the lobster is one of the most appreciated seafood worldwide thanks to its great taste. Thus, in The La Casa Gallega In addition we want to taste it, You can know what has been its evolution in Galician cuisine over recent years. Will you join our adventure?

    Increasingly difficult to find in our fish markets, due to over exploitation for decades of this crustacean, but despite its scarcity and know that The La Casa Gallega we do our best cuisine in the heart of Madrid.

    But the lobster has endless preparations, not only with mayonnaise and vinaigrette. We believe that this crustacean is more than that and requires some preparation that still exalts its flavor. You want to know how it evolved on Galician tables?

    Galicia is famous for its rias, where there are very good lobsters; from the coast of Marina Lugo to A Guarda, at the mouth of the River Minho. All of them, much thinner and delicate than French, so you have to keep in mind that the Galician lobster consist of a smoother meat, brown, and a more delicate flavor.

    Firstly, simply they consumed cooked, without any sauce as an accompaniment, but it was not until the eighteenth century, when wealthier families began adding in the classic recipe vinaigrette sauce which, until the nineteenth century was accompanied with the already mentioned mayonnaise.

    Not until years later, when a second joined sauce seafood consumption adding other recipes as published in 1899 in the newspaper Faro de Vigo. We talk about “lobster with chocolate, partridge and hare”. Another alternative recipes, perhaps not so very ancient, It is the American lobster, which its origin dseconoce; French or American.

    Also grilled lobster has cornered the tables Galician, with a similar preparation to the lobster.

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