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    29th March, 2019
    Try our Galician stew in the center of Madrid

    We live in a country where Semana Santa this is, how much less, a tradition and this is reflected both in our festivals, and in our actions and our gastronomy. But before it reaches that week so known for processions, we are in full Lent, time of abstinence and reflection. From our restaurant Casa Gallega we get a little of the rich Galician cuisine in Lent and explain why some of the things that affect our food and how we eat:

    En primer lugar, He lent first puts red meat, as a sign of wealth, outside tables and plates of Christians, fish being, Far to sin the element that helped pass this diet based oil soup, bread and water, than, to be honest, us falls short without fish.

    Thus, and knowing that today there are more and better recipes for Lent, stews and fish are delicious, where reigns over the other cod, This fish was begun to be used during the Middle Ages and whose reign is due primarily to periods of Lent was very difficult to get this food, Given the, for their ability to be salted and dried, He became a star food with recipes like cod fritters or cod esqueixada.

    Also, in the period of Lent we can find, among other dishes featured, the French toasts, stews made with vegetables or fish, as well as different types of cheeses and dishes that over the years have been gaining weight to remove its stigma resource to overcome fasting, to what they are today, culinary delights of our land or the period of Lent prepared to delight the most discerning palates.

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