Galician oysters, learn to enjoy

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  • Galician oysters, learn to enjoy

    13th July, 2018
    Some shellfish such as oysters are contraindicated during pregnancy.

    With a high content of vitamins, nutrients and minerals, mollusc shells such as the other, the clam, cockle or scallop, They are increasingly recommended by nutritionists, as they help us maintain a balanced diet.

    A good example of them can be the Galician oysters. With a high content of Omega 3, zinc and fatty acids, It helps proper functioning of our body.

    Types of oysters must try

    I already talked a while ago, in our blog about the different types of oysters Galician. You can find those that are flat shell and on the other hand which are composed of concave shells.

    What you are most appreciated in our country? Well, normally those having the flat shell, because their shells are much softer and juicy.

    mostly, They are breeding in Galicia waters or cntabras, although they also recognize the other French some recognition. Of these perhaps we can highlight the other of Arcachon and Bouzigues.

    Por otro lado, Concave other Galician, also commonly referred to as generally Japanese oysters. In size are much larger. Among the best known of the market are special claire and pousses in claire.

    As prepare good other gallegas

    Since The La Casa Gallega we recommend that you open a half hour before, throw the first part of the water so they can “remake”. So they earn much more in taste.

    You can consume both raw and cooked. If you are someone who prefer the natural, you can sprinkle a few drops of lemon or a little vinaigrette.

    However, if the kitchens, You can make to the oven, yes, you must consume them instantly to appreciate good taste.

    If you want to enjoy a true other Galician, with a good Albariño can come to our restaurant .

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