The secrets of Queimada

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  • The secrets of Queimada

    2nd July, 2014

    Any occasion is good to prepare a good Queimada, mostly in summer. Many prepare them after a good dinner and just as good evening with her sweet and intoxicating taste.

    In the spell of the Queimada is invoked the 4 elements (fire, Earth, water and air), fundamental deities of the culture of druids and Celtic rites, all are symbolized in the ritual fire but the key element:

    THE FIRE: Deity purification.
    THE EARTH: Symbolized by el crock pot Scorched.
    WATER: Symbolized with brandy.
    THE AIR: On which will rise and the flames will dance.

    As important as the rite and the famous spell against witches, It is that the spirit is of high quality if not, We not achieve all this magical mix of brandy, sugar, fruit and coffee beans burn well. We are confident that if you try the Queimada of our House will not forget.




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