Properties of fresh seafood

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  • Properties of fresh seafood

    13th February, 2018
    Come taste the flavor and properties of our seafood menu La Casa Gallega.

    Seafood is one of the great banners of our letter The La Casa Gallega, sin embargo, such as typical food of Galician cuisine it is not only tasty but has nutrients and very positive properties for our body. So much so, it is recommended to include it in our diet, if not daily at least weekly. Known, through our blog, some of the properties of fresh seafood.

    Properties seafood

    In all seafood, the most popular in our kitchen are molluscs and crustaceans: mejillones, clams, cockles, octopus, crabs… these have very valuable different nutrients and properties. Fresh seafood is low in carbohydrates and has also a low fat, Thus, They are ideal for inclusion in weight loss diets also.

    They offer high quality protein for its animal origin and have a high proportion of cholesterol (to consider) in the case of mussels, squid or prawns. Among its vitamins, highlight the E with antioxidant and B, essential for its very good folic acid and to treat conditions such as anemia. Also we found in many fresh seafood vitamin A, ideal for eye care and skin.

    Among the minerals include the following: potasio, sodium, iodine and magnesium. Although many are important because they are high in iron and calcium, cockles or clams. In this way we can see how the nutritional value of fresh seafood is scrumptious and healthy much more than their properties for our body and our diet.

    Want to know how to preserve fresh seafood? Follow our blog closely and pay attention to our latest publications. You can also visit our restaurante en el centro de Madrid to see firsthand the quality and taste of our products. We waited on the street Bordadores, number 11.

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