Dishes on the menu: Bacalao al pil pil

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  • Dishes on the menu: Bacalao al pil pil

    15th March, 2019

    Since Casa Gallega we bring you the dishes on our menu so that you know the process of making the same. Thus, on this occasion we want to approach our bacalao al pil pil, a specialty within our menu of fish. This plate, Traditional Basque cuisine, It will delight our guests and that, even if we are in love with Galician cuisine and its wide variety of dishes and textures, Basque cuisine is also an art.

    Salted cod is one of the oldest preserved fish in known, what he allowed to be gaining notoriety over time thanks to its exquisite taste, which meant they were developing different types of recipes to eat and to raise their flavor to our palates as does the recipe for cod pil pil.

    But if you do not know completely traditional Basque cuisine you're wondering: And what is the pil pil? this sauce, that accompany cod is an emulsion obtained juices and gelatin loose cod and olive oil flavored with garlic and chilli, It is offering a whitish yellow result in cream

    To prepare the cod pil pil only need three ingredients: cod, oil and garlic.

    En primer lugar, We must remove all traces of water from our cod fillets. Then, we take olive oil in a pan and garlic doraremos (and if we chillies), which will remove and store.

    We continue in the same pan with cod trunks going to cook, skin up, and confitaremos, occasionally moving ahead to get the cod release their juice and gelatin.

    After removing the cod also withdraw the fire pan and let the lower oil temperature gelatin is deposited on the bottom. Clean oil to withdraw another container, keeping gelatin and some oil emulsionaremos with the help of rods making circular movements. Once we have achieved will add the reserved oil and mix to give thickness.

    After this simply have to heat up the pieces of cod in the oven or microwave, throw the sauce and put the garlic and chillies.

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