Galician Easter desserts

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    12th April, 2019

    Si eres amante de la cocina, of those who love food, those who like to eat, but do not eat anything, You're one of us. In Casa Gallega We love what we do and do traditional Galician food, of lifelong, with the traditional flavor that only pout can bring us home. Within our Galician cuisine We can not overemphasize one of their most important assets, and today will make for our post players. We talk about the Galician pastries, in particular of the best desserts Galician cuisine at Easter.

    If you people who enjoy the time dessert arrives at the table, You have to continue reading this entry. Be you mouthwatering!

    In addition to the sweet star of this time of the year, the torrija, Easter is full of dishes pastry. We will present some Easter candy we leave you indifferent:

    We started by Sighs nun, every mouthful is divine flavored with lemon and some anise. It is a composite dough flour, Butter, eggs and lemon zest that is fried and sprinkled with icing sugar.

    The San Expedito bones are another rich recipe of traditional sweets this time of the year. They can be flavored by mint or vanilla. Flour mixture, aceite, milk and sugar becomes a thin crust that will shape a sweet elongated, tubelike, which goes directly to the pan to finish in your mouth, covered by a thin layer of sugar.

    With the flour mixture, miel, Butter, anise oil and salt, we create the mass that will shape the recognized pestiños Easter.

    Desserts whose ingredient is chestnut are also traditional and give that special touch you're looking for. If you are lover Almond, you know that your dessert should be the tarta de Santiago typical at any time of the year ...

    We could go on talking about the great variety of desserts that have the Galician cuisine for this and for any time of the year, but we do not want you to get rid mouth thinking exquisite taste, we prefer to come to Galicia and try in first person.

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