Pulpo á feira, Wonder third Gastronómica Spain,es

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  • Pulpo á feira, Wonder third Gastronómica Spain,es

    24th August, 2016

    We are in luck! The octopus, Popular Galicia, was proclaimed third in the contest 'The 7 Gastronomic wonders’ from Spain, behind only typical Canarian wrinkled potatoes and ham. At least they have decided to Internet, asked to vote for the best dish of the country through the network. Thus, Galician traditional dish cooked so carefully in our Casa Gallega in the center of Madrid bronze also hangs around his neck.

    The octopus is known that way for popularity at parties and pilgrimages of Galicia. This cooked thoroughly to get your point ideal hardness and is cut with scissors into slices about one centimeter thick. It is served on wooden boards with a stream of olive oil and hot paprika. Also usually it accompanied by salt flakes, or failing coarse salt, and a corresponding portion of potatoes.

    Behind the three winning dishes are also culinary competition paella, potato omelette, pasiega quesada and Murcia paparajotes. The initiative, in which they have competed as finalists to 20 dishes of Spanish cuisine, Dogs recognition of the Spanish cuisine as intangible heritage. Thus, the winners of this contest, the kitchen will represent our country as a candidate for Intangible Heritage of Humanity by Unesco.

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