essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago (part I)

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  • essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago (part I)

    5th July, 2019

    it is,,ro,April World Health Day is celebrated,,es,a day dedicated this year to raising awareness and addressing depression and its effects so that an increasing number of people suffering from this disorder sought and obtained recovery assistance,,es,This was confirmed by the World Health Organization,,es,the OMS,,es,under the slogan 'Let's talk about depression',,es,In order to help and raise awareness of the,,es,importance of food on health,,es,This week in our blog,,es 25 July, In addition to celebrating in some cases the holidays and good weather that is expected to accompany the paid and earned days off throughout the year, Santiago Day and Galicia's big day is celebrated, a date indicated in all Galicians calendars not only for the celebrations throughout the country and around the world, but for its excellent meals. Thus, from Casa Gallega we approach, along this and our next entry, the essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago.

    En primer lugar, we will tell you about the most classic and characteristic Santiago's Day: Santiago cake, swilling almond cake, very soft and with a light lemon scent, easy to prepare and adapted to the dates as its name suggests we. It is a well known dish of Galician cuisine and worth trying at this time.

    Por otro lado, from Casa Gallega have some recommendations such as hake Galician, made with potato, garlic and paprika, achieving rich results with very little.

    Another option for these dates is present where potato is the raxo, made with pork tenderloin, garlic and parsley, accompanied by fries, tapas is one of the most sought after and beloved of the region to enjoy such dates with friends while enjoying a good local wine or any other beverage.

    Por último, in this first entry of essential recipes to celebrate the Day of Santiago, bring turbot casserole, line and cockles, also be accompanied by onion, tomato, I fish stock and white wine, a complete treat for the senses that will make you achieve the highest levels of flavor to the purest Galician style.

    In our next post we will continue talking to some of the most recurrent and delicious recipes for these dates.

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