Preparing rice with lobster

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  • Preparing rice with lobster

    Rice with lobster La Casa Gallega

    ¿Lobster grilled or baked?

    22nd January, 2018

    its fine, delicate and tasty flesh makes the lobster is one of the seafood 'gourmet’ most desired by all who visit our seafood restaurant in Madrid, The La Casa Gallega, between the metro stops Sol and Opera. As with any other of its similar like locusts, prawns or […]

    El arroz… best with lobster

    7th December, 2016

    El bogavante es uno de los crustáceos marinos más grandes que existen y uno de los mejores acompañantes a nuestras comidas por su intenso sabor. They have ten legs, two of which have been transformed into two unequal tweezers, a thicker and more developed than the other. Ambas le sirven para atrapar y […]

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