Eating Is synonymous with happiness?

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  • Eating Is synonymous with happiness?

    Canapes and appetizers to whet your appetite this New Year's Eve

    27th December, 2019

    Any evening snacks are essential elements to whet your appetite. What better prelude right? For at this time so festive, They have become a classic meals and family dinners, Mainly because, besides being good, They are fairly easy and quick to prepare, thus having a few starters who like and […]

    Book your table at La Casa Gallega for Christmas

    La Casa Gallega wishes you a… Merry Christmas 2019!

    20th December, 2019

    Christmas are increasingly coming and it's why from La Casa Gallega we wish you a merry christmas 2019 full of hope, magic and happiness with your loved ones. In addition to congratulate the holidays, also we would like to make a small stock of what has been this year and […]

    laconically, Best I roast, Cool the pot?

    13th December, 2019

    If you are lover of the lacón, You should know that there are many recipes for cooking fresh pork, but what recipe is better?: the pork roast in the oven or pot. You may still not be very clear and do not know what the lacón, because only the name commonly used in Galicia. Well then let's start […]

    Enjoy the good seafood in Madrid in our La Casa Gallega.

    You want to cook seafood and Galician? Follow these rules!

    6th December, 2019

    You know that in Galicia, gastronomy is essential, so prepare seafood is one of the rituals of Christmas. You know that La Casa Gallega can get rid of homesickness if you are spending Christmas in Madrid, or just can give you a good gastronomic tribute without leaving the […]

    autumn tradition Galician; magosto, fire and new wine

    29th November, 2019

    Did you know that the Galician tradition chestnuts are the symbol of the soul of the deceased? Well actually, with each fruit a soul is released from purgatory and joins the celebration of some popular festivals that take place in the fall have their stuff, their time changes and odors. One of […]

    Plato La Casa Gallega

    Caldo Gallego and laugh at the cold winter

    22nd November, 2019

    You want the best recipe to forget the incipient cold? La Casa Gallega we will give you the secret; Galician soup. This recipe will make cry of emotion through every spoonful. You want to know how it's done? The more you try more like you and especially in winter. We give you the keys […]

    Spicy Peppers

    Dieting and eating healthier menu is possible?

    15th November, 2019

    Although it seems incompatible, eat healthy and balanced with restaurant menus possible. And what we say. La Casa Gallega you'll find endless gastronomic variety with the best raw materials so you can delight your palate with the best of Galician cuisine in the heart of Madrid. Needless […]

    The secrets of meat or caldeiro

    8th November, 2019

    As on numerous occasions we have referred to our blog, not only seafood you live in Galicia. Meat is also one of the protagonists in most parties in the province of Ourense, por ejemplo. You never have heard of the A Festa do Boi, Allariz or own Peroxa? […]

    Eat healthy and healthy thanks to cod

    18th October, 2019

    If you are someone who enjoy to absolute limits of cod, este es tu post. In addition to being a safe and healthy food, Cod is the best ally for endless recipes. It is a source of protein, and they are known healthier because they contain a high content of […]

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