History and tradition of Galician soup

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  • History and tradition of Galician soup

    Galician vegetable salad

    11th October, 2018

    Both salads and vegetables are one of the foods that provide more nutrients to humans, not to mention that it is also one of the indispensable within the Galician culinary culture. Why? Es muy sencillo, both vegetable salads and other vegetables provide vitamins as both […]

    La Casa Gallega you can try grelos accompanied by our dish lacón.

    What are they and how to prepare grelos

    24th April, 2018

    Although outside Galicia they are mainly known to accompany their signature dish to lacón, turnip greens are a dark green vegetables that are part of the Galician gastronomic culture, They are even labeled with the quality mark IGP, Protected Geographical Indication. Come turnip greens and turnip are the tender stems […]

    laconically… and last turnip

    25th January,en, 2017

    And ham were a number, turnip would be his last, because a good pork with turnip tops is always present on the table Galician passionate about food, as in our case. En La Casa Gallega podrás disfrutar de uno de los platos más típicos de esta zona gastronómica. Pero para todos aquellos que lo […]

    Ensalada de grelos

    5th June, 2015

    En estas fechas en las que comienza a apretar el calor, lo que más apetece para comer es una buena ensalada, pues evitarás digestiones pesadas y tu organismo recibirá un mayor aporte de agua. Thus, en este post te proponemos preparar una rica ensalada de grelos. Vamos con ello. Lava los grelos y pásalos […]

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