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    Madrid Dining Sites

    Madrid has a multitude of tourist and historical attractions and is recognized as an influential cultural center. Among its features is the warmth of its people and the cuisine enriched by the contributions of the different regions of Spain, within them stands the Galician cuisine.

    If you're looking for Dining places in Madrid and enjoy pleasant moments with family, friends or simply a business meeting, we recommend RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA, a trozo of Galicia in the center of Madrid.

    In our restaurant you will have the chance to rediscover the most attractive Galician recipes with the characteristic flavor of a land rich in raw materials of excellent quality.

    Seafood, Fish, meat, salads, rices and wines, among other delights are the ones you find in our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA. We prepare for our customers an extensive line of Galician dishes specialized in more traditional flavors northwest of the Iberian Peninsula.

    Enjoy all the quality and freshness of our ingredients in one place, with the following dishes:

    • Galician octopus or grilled.
    • Artisan pie.
    • Grilled Squid.
    • Cod fritters.
    • Hake Burela (Galician, iron, green sauce, etc.).
    • Sheep's cheese.

    Thanks to the abundance of ingredients to prepare our dishes that we can offer a vast range of possibilities that will delight your palate.

    Enjoy a comfortable and designed for you the best of the culinary attractions of the Galician land, in our restaurant we have spacious facilities that will appreciate decorations and unique style of our restaurant makes an excellent choice in Downtown restaurants in Madrid.

    Thus, if you want to know fish restaurants in Madrid, seafood restaurants in Madrid, is in its RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA an excellent choice.


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