Galician empanadas in Madrid

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    Empanadas Galicia Madrid

    In RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA we know that in the Galician cuisine pies are one of the most representative dishes of this community and are often, within this food, the most recognized inside and outside Galicia.

    Their preparation can be done in various ways as well as ingredients which are filled with. The most common of which are tuna, conger, cod, meat and poultry. This food is ideal for enjoying and sharing in celebrations like birthdays, Family and friends among other.

    Therefore, Come and enjoy a family atmosphere in the company of their own, in HOUSE RESTAURANT GALLEGA in Madrid we offer extensive facilities. Our classrooms are decorated with different motifs and beautiful photographs that evoke the beautiful community of Galicia.

    Similarly, our restaurant offers a wide variety of Galician pies in Madrid prepared with ingredients, carefully selected, of the highest quality. We put at your disposal handmade pies with our chef's special touch which gives it that unique flavor and distinctive to each recipe.

    Prepare a variety of Incoming, salads, rices, meat and fish, among other delights, we are sure will delight the most demanding palates.

    Discover the best of Galicia their culture, traditions and cuisine in one place. We stand as one of the restaurants in the center of Madrid recognized for bringing the most delicious recipes of Galician cuisine to your table. We hope in the RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA.


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