Galician seafood Madrid

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    Galician seafood Madrid

    The Galician seafood part of the set of Galician dishes, being a food of high consumption and common development in the community of Galicia spreading throughout the Spanish territory.

    The Galician seafood is made up of different types of seafood such as lobster, crabs, crab, crayfish, prawns, clams, oysters, barnacles, cockles, etc. varying according to the season and taste of diners.

    Also, to accompany this menu, in our restaurant we recommend delicious white wines our winery, that are the perfect complement to meals like fish, Soups.

    We invite you to discover the charms of the land Galician, their culture, their customs and especially its rich and select menu, in RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA We have prepared a letter as authentic Galician cuisine.

    Get caught up in exquisite combinations of:

    The cream of Galicia reaches our HOUSE RESTAURANT GALLEGA in Madrid. Come and meet us.

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