Galician Mussels Madrid

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    Galician Mussels Madrid

    In our Galician cuisine mussels consider a product as fine, they have lots of nutritional benefits, within which highlights its high mineral content, which help us to keep our body healthy.

    Thanks to the ease with which it can be mixed with other ingredients results in a multitude of recipes within which highlights Galician mussels, recognized within the vast cuisine of Galician dishes as a healthy treat.

    Thus, Dare to pamper your palate with this and many other elaborate preparations in RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA. We put at your disposal a full range of high quality products directly from the beautiful land of Galicia.

    We present a card that features a variety of dishes, such as:

    They may accompany the carefully selected wines our winery.

    In our restaurant we offer a pleasant place to enjoy an unforgettable moment. We have rooms decorated with beautiful photographs that evoke the tradition and culture of a land rich in history, traditions and dishes.

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