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    Seafood is one of the staples of our Galician cuisine, therefore in our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA you will find from centollos, bogavantes, oxen, prawns, barnacles up clams, oysters, zamburiñas, cockles, razor clams and mussels. inter alia.

    The seafood have become due to their outstanding quality and excellent taste in one of the biggest attractions of our kitchen. This is because our dishes are prepared with seafood brought from Galicia, using the techniques and know-how of the Galician cuisine.

    In our menu, find the following seafood:

    • Oysters Cambados.
    • Clams Lane.
    • Cockles Cambados.
    • Mussels Cambados.
    • You know Cedeira.
    • Shrimp of the Island of Arosa.
    • Centollo de Grove.
    • Bogavante the Grove.
    • Crabs of the estuary.
    • Crab.
    • Crayfish trunk.
    • White Prawns Huelva.
    • Prawns.
    • Carabineros.
    • Scallops.
    • Vieira de Cambados.
    • Mariscada.
    • Grilled seafood.


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