The La Casa Gallega, Galician restaurant in Madrid

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    Our Galician restaurant in Madrid

    In the center of Madrid The first restaurant is located in Galician cuisine which opened in the capital, founded in 1915. The brothers Vidal, newcomers Pontevedra, were attracted to the business of his uncle and began his career there.

    Today is the third generation that continues the work of the founders, it is simply to spread the flavor and tradition of Galician dishes.

    So our RESTAURANT LA CASA GALLEGA is the ideal place to discover the most exclusive and select Galician cuisine.

    Among their messes, odors speak for themselves and for their parade corridors trays barnacles, clams, crabs, pork with turnip tops, among other delicacies of the house, all carefully cooked by the chef Francisco Pereira Blanco.

    Our Galician recipes specialize in seafood, between our dishes highlighting the Galician hake, back sea bass and beef tenderloin carbon.

    We guarantee the taste and quality in each of our products, Proof of this is that raw materials are received daily from Galicia. The providers we work with are professionals, throughout the year collaboration, know and know the level of demand that we have in the selection and preparation of our dishes.

    Definitely our restaurant is a place to visit if you're looking for Dining places in Madrid and sample preparation products exclusively, with that taste of home that characterizes each of our dishes.

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